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Yo Money’s Micro ATM provides the multiple payment solution for retail store, to manage all forms of payments, including debit/credit card, Bharat QR Code, BHIM Aadhaar Pay and UPI, etc. The Micro ATM offers the variety of payment modes so you can find just what you need.
It operates as a unique “any time ATM”. Being India’s primary inter-operable mode, it is a reform in the banking sector that can service a customer of any bank using the debit/credit card interface. In other words, Micro ATMs are a handheld point of sale (POS) terminal used to dispense cash in secluded locations where bank branches cannot reach. Micro ATMs are like a point of sale (POS) terminal and are a doorstep mobile banking method cum-mobile ATM device.
Using Yo Money Payment Solutions our Agent can accept payments using either customer’s debit card or a QR which can be scanned by an Android Smartphone. The payment methods are extremely efficient and secure, also letting the agent earn attractive commissions.


Yo Money MPOS device is a solution for merchants who want to receive card payment anywhere, anytime, and who want to extend additional services to their customers. It is a terminal connected through Bluetooth to a mobile device and can read magnetic stripes, contactless cards, and chip & pin cards

UPI - Unified Payments Interface

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a system that powers multiple bank accounts into a single mobile application (of any participating bank), merging several banking features, seamless fund routing & merchant payments into one hood. It also caters to the “Peer to Peer” collect request which can be scheduled and paid as per requirement and convenience.

Like Bharat QR, UPI is a service that merchant can use to directly receive payment from the consumer to his bank account. The machine is integrated with the dynamic UPI QR code unique to the merchant. A customer needs his bank mobile app and can make payments in just a click
The most striking feature is that there is no need to enter bank account details such as account number, IFSC code, normally while making the transfer. Only details required for funds transfer is the payment amount.

Bharat QR Code

Bharat QR code is a Universal Interoperable QR Code for payments supporting VISA/MasterCard/RuPay credit card/debit cards on customer smartphone without carrying and swiping physical card. With Yo Money Micro-ATM, enhanced version of Bharat QR Code is made available to our merchants where merchant enters payment amount and each time the display shows a unique Bharat QR Code which includes also amount of payment.
Customer simply needs to scan this QR code from the smartphone and use his MPIN/Password/Touch-ID as defined by their bank to authorize payment for VISA/MasterCard/RuPay Debit/Credit cards. With Yo Money Micro-ATM, the merchant need not display the standard Bharat QR code on his shop which does not include payment amount in the QR code information and may lead to incorrect payment amount entered by the customer.

A customer needs his bank mobile app with which to pay and that happens in just a click. There’s more! Customer gets a receipt of each transactions just like card swipe transaction.

Payment Links

Payment Link is a Yo Money App feature that empowers the retailers and small store owners to go digital and manage modern customers who like to pay cashless. Safe and easy, this mode of payment available at all Nearby retail stores, requires only the help of a smartphone.

The retailer just has to send a link to the customer via SMS, who can make an online payment by clicking on the link. The payment can be done from anywhere as the customer does not have to be physically present at the store, nor the retailer needs a card PoS machine to accept card payments.

Share payment link with your customers via SMS, Emails, WhatsApp etc. and get paid more easily. Collecting payment for your product is now just a click away